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Why Tickets to Shows, Concerts and Theatre Make Great Gifts


Struggling to think of the perfect gift for your significant other, sibling, parent or friend?
Then how about getting them a ticket to a show, gig or something else?

Tickets are actually a fantastic choice of gift for a large number of reasons but they get overlooked all too often. Read on to find out why you should consider this option for your next lucky recipient!

Fan Cheering At A Game

Ideal for the Person Who Has Everything

For starters, tickets are perfect for the person who has everything. If you get someone a ticket to a gig then you can rest absolutely assured that they won’t ‘already have it’. Likewise, this isn’t something that they will have to awkwardly display in their already-too-full home.

In other words, a ticket doesn’t put any pressure on someone, doesn’t take up space and can’t be duplicated. These things make it ideal when you don’t know what to get for someone because ‘they have everything already’.

Experience > Material Possession

They say money can’t buy happiness but actually this isn’t true if you do the research. According to science, money can buy happiness but only if you’re not spending it on physical things. Instead, money buys happiness if you spend it on a show.

While the gift won’t ‘last’ in the same way that an item might last, the memory will last and this will make your friend or partner feel much more fulfilled. That’s an amazing thing to be able to do for someone and a great way to make sure they feel fulfilled and rewarded!

You Can Do it Together

Actually, the research goes one step further and shows that money buys even more happiness if the activity is something we can do with a friend. What better way to treat a friend than to buy a great experience for them and then experience it together. You’re now making new memories with that person and actually this can help to make your friendship stronger.

This is a particularly nice gift to get for someone who you don’t see very often. This way, you can show that you’re thinking of them and that you want to see them!

It’s Practical

Finally, getting someone a ticket is incredibly practical and easy. For starters, the budget you have is highly variable. You can get someone a ticket to something cheap (Afternoon tea? The cinema?) or you can get them something much more expensive. At the same time there’s always going to be some kind of show that will appeal to any given type of person.

Better yet though is that you can give someone a ticket by printing out an email. That means you can have it instantly so if you’ve forgotten your gift and you need to come up with something fast, this is a very good way to do that.

And finally, tickets can be sent a long way very cheaply – even by email again. That means they’re perfect for getting for someone who isn’t nearby and that’s again a lovely way to show you’re thinking of them!

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