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Why Purchase Tickets On A Third Party Website?

When it comes to buying any tickets online, from concerts and music to sports and entertainment, you might be wondering why someone would be buying from a third party site like The King Of Tickets, rather than just buying from the site that is featuring the tickets to begin with.  For example, Coachella is coming up in April for Weekend 1 on April 15th to the 16th 2016.

You can go right to the Coachella website and purchase tickets for April 15th, Coachella, Weekend 1, General Admission $399.  That’s a lot of money, but worth it!  Let me let you in on a little secret though, see that $399 price tag, its a lot of money, right?  Well, here is one of the two reasons people might choose a third party website rather than the first party website for a concert like Coachella…




Sold Out

If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite concert, singer or sports event, and you’ve seen the dreaded label, SOLD OUT, you may have been bummed out at first.  But, you are probably trying to purchase them from the first party website ie; Pittsburgh Penguins or, what if you could find a website that had even more tickets and maybe wasn’t sold out?

Well, this is where third party sites come into play.  Many of them actually BUY tickets from the pool on these sites, but at a cost, which means they can buy bulk tickets and offer them to people such as yourself.

They tend to sell out less because people like you tend to visit the initial website, but they don’t check anywhere else when they see the sold out label.  Now, if you are super sly, you will check a few third party sites, and I can bet that one, two, three or all of them DO have tickets to the event you want to see.

So Coachella has SOLD out their tickets for April 15th.  That sucks.  But, The King Of Tickets has not.  In fact, they have hundreds of tickets available for whatever package you want. Click here to browse our tickets!

Cost Of The Event

In some cases it may cost a little more or a little less on a third party website versus the original website you want to buy from, it depends on the event to be honest.

For example, the Super Bowl tickets, which is something that millions of people will tune into watch, are going to be expensive no matter where you shop – doesn’t matter if its the NFL website, Stub Hub or The King Of Tickets, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for the tickets.  On the other hand, a regular football game might cost less on a third party website.

You have to shop around to find the best cost! Also, another benefit?  Most third party websites will have tickets for sale way before the main website does.  That means you can buy your Yankee tickets now for April 2016 but you might not be able to buy those same tickets on the Yankees website.  Crazy, but true!

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