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Why it’s Worth Going to Concerts You Don’t Want to See


I’ve always had a rule that if I’m invited to a concert and I can afford to go, I’ll accept the invitation. It doesn’t matter if the band is someone I’m a big fan of and it doesn’t matter if it’s something I’d never normally go to.

As a result, I’ve seen all kinds of things. I’ve seen Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown, the emo band ‘In Me’, My Chemical Romance, Bon Jovi, McFly, Motorhead, Electric Six, Elton John, Pendulum, Rachel Stevens, The Moody Blues, Billy Idol and a Pink Floyd cover band.

Why do I do this? Because I think it’s a fantastic way to gain new experiences and to broaden my musical horizons. And I think you should consider doing it too!

The Experience

Firstly, all these different concerts have led to some amazing experiences. When we saw the emo bands, it means travelling to a big city where we stayed the night and met some fun people. This was also my first experience of proper moshing and sometime quite exciting was when the whole pit separated into two separate halves and began throwing water at each other!

Man At Concert
I’ve had similar awesome experiences at some of the other concerts I went to as well, whether it was staying with friends to see Bon Jovi or my first crowd surfing experience. The point is: a concert is not just about the actual music. Of course this is a big part but what’s also important is the opportunity to do something exciting and new and to have stories to tell after the fact.

Oh and all these things bring you closer as friends as well!

The Music

The music also plays a big role though of course. And actually, even if something isn’t your ideal genre it can be much more exciting when you see it live. Some bands have amazing performances that you might not have been expecting (Alice Cooper!) while others may play tracks that you enjoy a lot even if you aren’t a big fan of their usual stuff.

Having Fun At An Event
When I saw McFly for instance, Brian May from Queen actually came up out of the floor. I didn’t know he’d be there but I was so glad I got to see him!

Conversation and History

Finally, expanding your musical horizons and getting these exciting experiences means that you’ll have more to talk about with people. When that celebrity comes up on TV you can mention that you saw them live – and that’s always a great conversation starter!

And in fact it’s often an even better conversation starter when they wouldn’t peg you for listening to that kind of music! And if they’re a fan, it’s a great way to find common ground with someone who perhaps you wouldn’t otherwise share a lot in common with!

For all these reasons, going to concerts is a great idea even when you’re not absolutely thrilled about the music that’s there. Next time, don’t be so fast to turn down an invitation!

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