Who will be the new Hamilton?


Hamilton’s success has been staggering to nearly inconceivable levels. Its mark has been sizeable beyond record breaking sales. It has created a cultural movement that shifted national policy, and it stands a chance this year to break multiple records at the Tony awards. Hamilton has suffered a blow recently, as Lin-Manuel Miranda declared his departure from the show. His last performance will be July 9, and with so much momentum, it’s unavoidable that Miranda will be replaced.


1. Javier Munoz

Let’s start with the obvious. Munoz has played the character many nights. Despite being in Miranda’s shadow, Munoz already has his own take on the character, and he can transition into the part easily and smoothly, bringing his creative flavor without jarring the production.


2. Tony Yazbeck

Yazbeck has established himself extensively on Broadway, and has been nominated for a Best Actor Tony Award. He has a huge stage presence, and frankly, he can probably fill any role. Hamilton that would be enjoyable to see with him as the main role. We’re not certain how much experience he has with the rap side of things, but a professional of his caliber can likely learn with little difficulty.


3. Kanye West

No, wait, don’t leave! Miranda is really based on Kanye. There’s no denying that Kanye would make a production out of any performance, and he certainly has the confidence and background . He might want some coaching on the acting side of things, but if nothing else, this would be among the most interesting and amusing spectacles to ever reach on Broadway. Ok, maybe it isn’t the most likely option, but we stand by it.


4. The Unknown

This option is also less likely, as the Hamilton role is only too enormous for excessive hazards at this point, but it would be an amazing way for a brilliant new talent to break their way into the scene. It could also free some of the budget restrictions that can result in other cast members leaving. Regardless, there is always a fresh crop of young, aspiring talent that’s prepared to take over leading parts.


There are lots of others who might have the capacity to take on the Hamilton role.


If you desire to see who takes the leading role for yourself, make sure to get your Hamilton tickets now!

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