Who Is Manny Pacquiao’s Next Opponent?

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Manny Pacquiao will “definitely” return in the autumn, Bob Arum told USA TODAY Sports on Saturday.


37 year old Pacquiao, said via Facebook on Tuesday that he would abandon his responsibilities for any period of time to fight, and that camp would be set up in his home country.


After Arum finalizes the date and website — it will be in Las Vegas but Arum must figure out which arena is available on the determined date — the opponent could be announced as early as the week after the July 23 HBO PPV fight Top Rank is promoting between 140-pounders Terence Crawford and Viktor Postol.


That’s because the victor of the junior welterweight unification title matchup is being greatly considered to face Pacquiao (who campaigns at 147 pounds). The other candidate? Arum told USA TODAY Sports that one of those three guys (he encourages them all) will bring the competition.
Manny Pacquiao
“If Manny needs to win a world title, Jessie Vargas, whose head isn’t up his ass as far as the money, he understands what’s realistic cash on pay per view now, which isn’t what it was before, ” Arum said. … This forthcoming week we’ll have a strong date and place and then we’ll be off and running and announce an adversary. But Manny is undoubtedly coming back.”


Arum granted that Adrien Broner (who is a PBC fighter) was the first selection, but that the brash 26-year-old just asked for too much money. Broner would likely outperform the three alternatives being contemplated in terms of PPV sales. He’s understood to casual fans because of his antics and is consistently featured on TMZ.


I can’t manage what Broner is asking. Broner’s position is how valuable it is on pay-per-view and maybe he is but I can’t take that risk and neither can Manny. We looked to give him an excellent upside (of the PPV sales). I can’t pay it and he wants a guarantee that is very unreasonable and Manny can’t take that risk.


“To say that Broner is right or wrong. It’s business. I don’t know.”


Arum hasn’t done business with Al Haymon (who manages Broner) since the Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather mega fight in May 2015. Before that, he hadn’t worked with him in quite some time.


But Arum and Haymon recently settled an antitrust lawsuit Top Rank filed and the 84-year old says they will work together to make fights.


Haymon commands most of the finest 147-pounders on the planet.


I never talked to Danny Garcia or anybody associated with Danny Garcia. So I don’t know what the (expletive) he’s talking about,” Arum snapped. “It’s like mental masturbation. It actually is. I imagine they’re determined to get an article written about them, I don’t understand.”


“I’ve never even spoke to Danny or his father (and trainer Angel), or anyone connected with them. The only matter I discussed with Haymon was Broner.”


Pacquiao outclassed Timothy Bradley in an April welterweight bout then announced his retirement to concentrate on politics. That retirement will be shortlived.


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