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Where To Buy Cheap Sporting Event Tickets

Box Office

If you love sports, and you have either wanted to always go to a live game or this is a sort of thing you do all the time, you should know something: The tickets you want to get or the tickets you always do get, might not be THE best price you can get as of right now. There are many other places to buy your tickets, so before you press that submit payment button, consider checking these options out first.

Box Office

Many times, and it doesn’t matter if its a sporting event, concert, or an entertainment ticket, the box office is the first place you should be checking out. This is by far and wide the safest way to buy tickets. However, its not all its cracked up to be – especially if your box office is downtown or in an area where there is a lot of traffic.

Box Office

Every place, is always going to have its pros and cons, and the box office is no different. You will have to physically visit the box office to get the tickets, which can be inconvenient. Prices are also iffy. Sometimes the prices will be full price and sometimes you can get discounts. It depends to be honest.


At any event, you will find people outside trying to sell their unwanted tickets. In some states this is actually illegal to do, but in other states its okay. Most of the time the people selling these tickets are honest people that just want to get rid of a ticket that they either cannot use or maybe its a friends ticket and they want to unload it and make some cash.

However, some other scalpers can be crooks. Make sure that the ticket is legit and try not to let them haggle you too much!

Third Party Ticket Websites

There are also third party websites you can buy tickets from. You can do so online, which is easy and quick, and many times they buy tickets by the dozens, which means even after they sell out at the main venue, these ticket websites will have more tickets available, and sometimes the prices are amazingly cheap!

You really need to do yourself a service and shop around and compare on a few different websites to find the best price, but once you do, its golden!


Free Memberships

In some cases, singers and bands, as well as sporting teams have these free memberships you can join up with – some are also paid, but some are also free.

These are like newsletters for the fans, and sometimes they have discounts and coupon codes that they send out to people such as yourself for tickets, which helps you to save money and get notified of new and upcoming events that are going to be going on.

No matter what type of option you choose, always make sure you are safe and that you check out the site or the person before buying from them to make sure that you aren’t getting scammed and that the tickets are legit.

Why Purchase Tickets On A Third Party Website?

Buying Cheap Tickets Online Is As Easy As 1-2-3