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What To Expect On Lorde’s Second Album


It’s been three years since New Zealand native Lorde released her debut studio album Pure Heroine. So what’s next?


Lorde’s Second Album is Nearing Conclusion: ‘We’re in the Creation Stage Now’


The Kiwi singer songwriter’s been hinting for the last year on her social media reports that her anticipated sophomore record is coming soon, even asserting that the record name is picked out. Here’s what we’re hoping to hear on the new record when it comes out.





Lorde’s first record was all her, which made sense for a brand new artist on the scene. But in the years since Pure Heroine’s release, she’s proven she doesn’t have to be “dancing in a world alone” in order to make music she loves. Collaborating on Disclosure’s song “Magnets” gave her a reason to surprise and delight enthusiasts with a performance at Coachella this year and she recently co-wrote the single “Heartlines” with fellow New Zealander duet Broods.


In the last year, she mentioned “crushing it” at work with friend Jack Antonoff via Twitter, and posted an image of Harley Streten, aka Flume, on Instagram — leaving us to expect that we’ll see cross pollination with some of her talented peers on the record to come.


… Especially with Kanye West


But let’s be honest: we’d mainly really love to see more of Lorde than Kanye.


Yes, things could get dirty here on a relational level, considering that Kanye has had a complex history with Lorde’s famed chum Taylor Swift — and Swift isn’t exactly the woman most musicians want to cross. But maybe her possible ire could be overcome in the name of seeing her friend Ella create even more extremely dope music? We’re crossing our fingers anyhow, although it may be a long shot.


Covers of other artist’ music


We’re looking forward to new Lorde originals. After all, her songwriting — which started in earnest at the young age of 13 — is a large part of what makes Lorde noteworthy in the first place. Joining poetic lyricism and a moody ambience, her initial tracks have inspired YouTubers since she burst onto the international scene the world over to perform their own variants of her tracks.


She killed it, while her peers were introduced by her cover of “Swinging Party” to American punk favorites and took on the daunting job of honoring David Bowie at the BRIT Awards with a performance of “Life on Mars?”. Nirvana, James Blake, Tears for Fears and yes Kanye have gotten the Lorde treatment. The mix of unique vocal signatures and her amazing flavor make her the ideal artist to translate old sounds for a brand new generation, so we’re expecting Lorde will keep the cover tendency going with her newest release.


Finally, no one understands precisely what’s coming from our favorite adolescent music icon, possibly not even the wild-maned girl herself. But as she tweeted back in December that she was “feeling gently excited about 2016,” we’ll follow her lead and trust that there are great things in store.

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