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Watch Sheryl Crow Sing Her New Single ‘Be Myself’

Sheryl Crow

The singer-songwriter plays bass on the soulful pop melody, belting about being diagnosed “terminally normal.” Over groovy congas psychedelic sitar tones, Crow admits to clashing in a contemporary music scene filled with twitter indie bands and selfie obsessed hipsters – but being OK with that. “If I can’t be someone else, I might as well be myself,” she sings.


The show was filmed at the Red Studios of Hollywood last month in 4K.


“Be Myself” is the title track from Crow’s coming 10th LP, also out April 21st via Warner Bros. Records. The singer’s new, pop-focused record follows a brief foray into country. For her latest release, she reunited with producers Jeff Trott and Chad Blake, who helped craft many of her biggest hits.



While Sheryl Crow finished the record before Donald Trump’s presidential victory, her new lyrics still tap into the hostility that was used during the U.S. presidential campaign as a political tool. “Fear is definitely present in the songs,” she told Rolling Stone. “I think the election really incited a feeling of us against them, and a feeling of trying to get back to reason, so thematically there’s a lot of that on the record. Also, technology, for better or worse, is a theme. I really think that so much vitriol in our dialogue is partially due to the fact that people communicate over technology without having a sense of empathy.”

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