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U2 Debut’s New Song at ‘Joshua Tree’ Tour Show – Watch Here


U2 started their 2017 Joshua Tree Tour Friday night in Vancouver, and in addition to performing their classic 1987 LP in its entirety and dusting off other live rarities, Bono and company closed out the concert by debuting a new song titled “The Little Things That Give You Away.”


Prior to their first performance, Bono noted the track would feature on the forthcoming LP Songs of Experience, the long-anticipated follow up to 2014’s Songs of Innocence.


As AtU2 notes, at the end of the performance, the large projection screen debuted what is considered to be the cover art of the new record.


In addition to “The Little Things That Give You Away,” U2 dusted off tunes that they had not performed together in decades, including The Joshua Tree’s “Trip Through Your Wires,” which had remained untouched by the band since the original Joshua Tree Tour 30 years ago.



“Thirty years and I still can’t play the harmonica,” Bono joked before the first “Trip Through Your Wires” since December 1987.


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