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Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson: UFC 209

UFC 209

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is quickly becoming the world’s most popular sport.


UFC 209 will be just one more pinnacle for the sport. In the past two years, every major card has looked better than the card before.


In early March, a number of the very flexible and strong martial artists will put on a show in Las Vegas.


Stephen Thompson and Tyron Woodley will be fighting for the Welterweight title once more. At UFC 205, the two fought to a majority draw, allowing Woodley to retain his belt. Personalities and comparing styles have led to unforgettable soundbites and must see highlight reel footage. Both fighters left the cage beaten and bloodied in the initial fight. Fans cannot wait to see them settle this in the octagon on Saturday.


The other high-profile fight is happening in the Lightweight division. A couple of the very promising fighters in the UFC will fight for the right to challenge Conor Mcgregor for the title. Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov are the #1 and #2 contenders respectively. These two have been waiting for this opportunity for a while now. Let’s begin by dissecting the Lightweight fight going down at UFC 209.


Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) vs. Tony Ferguson (22-3) – Lightweight Interim Title Fight

A main event on any other card, these two Lightweights are in the prime of their careers. To put it differently, something’s gotta give.


Whether it’s striking or grappling, there isn’t any doubt that both subjects have been mastered by Khabib. He’s a two-time Combat Sambo world champion. Combat Sambo is essentially military training that utilizes hand-to-hand combat. He’s rarely in trouble and always appears to leave the ring unscathed. At this point in his career he knows a fight for the title is what he deserves.


On the flip side, Tony Ferguson will be the most skilled fighter that Nurmagomedov has had to face.


Adapting and consistently moving to new styles of fighting, Ferguson’s originality is unparalleled. The most deadly facet of Ferguson’s arsenal is his jiu jitsu. He’s a student of Eddie Bravo’s at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, one of the most respected schools to hone your craft. With an array of chokes and submissions, Ferguson is comfortable standing up or being on the ground. Athleticism and his duration also results in snappy punches that may set his adversaries asleep in the blink of an eye.


This is going to be a memorable fight no matter how it finishes. A rematch will definitely happen sooner or later later on too, so be sure you see the first fight of the possible competition unfold live!



Tyron Woodley (16-3-1) vs. Stephen Thompson (13-1-1) – Welterweight Title Fight Rematch

The majority draw that took place at UFC 205 made a bad taste in the mouth of Tyron Woodley. The aggressor for most the fight, he was stunned and disappointed to discover of the judges’ judgement.


Since that time, both combatants need to manage the pressure of producing a sequel which was just as exciting as their initial fight. Woodley has felt disrespected by supporters, the media and even the UFC organization. Nevertheless, that’s only adding fuel to his competitive fire.


Pound for pound, Woodley might be the most powerful man in the UFC. His power is unparalleled, and it requires a miracle to escape when he gets you in choke hold. During his ascension to becoming the Welterweight champion, Woodley has beat some of the very best fighters in the sport. A tough win over a critical knockout of former champ and Kelvin Gastelum put Robbie Lawler on the map.


There were also points in his first match up against Stephen Thompson where it appeared like he’d score the knockout. Nonetheless, Thompson escaped positions that Woodley usually ends with ease and isn’t your average fighter. Both fighters now understand each other well, if he gets the upper hand in the rematch, Woodley will certainly not let off the gas.


Stephen Thompson’s fighting style is usually described as exceptional. With an extensive background in kickboxing and karate, Thompson has ability in striking with superb discipline. This was on display when he stayed calm under pressure while be choked by Tyron Woodley. Their first match appeared as if Woodley would score the easy win, Thompson remained locked in and did enough for the rest of the fight to earn a draw. Known for his highlight spinning kick, Thompson’s only regret in his previous fight is that he didn’t use all of his weapons to his advantage.


In summation, it seems both men will come out swinging. Find Ultimate Fighting Championship tickets for UFC 209 right here at TheKingOfTickets.

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