Top Music Venues In New York City

Madison Square Garden

Let’s be honest, New York city is always sort of the topic of conversation when it comes to most anything these days.  Good food?  New York City.  Amazing architecture?  New York City?  Most famous and popular musicians?  New York City!  So it should be no big surprise that this is a list of the top music venues in New York City.  Below, you will find some of the coolest, hippest, trendiest and okay, a few hole in the wall venues too – but those are always the best!  Check it out and see what you think.

Music Hall Of Williamsburg – This is by far and wide one of the best places to see Indie bands and includes stars such as Grim and Delorean as well as DIIV.  Its a medium sized venue, they have a good amount of bar food if you want a bite to eat while watching a show, cheaper beers around $5-$6 and they also have some other non-indie bands appearing there as well like Phoenix and Blink 182.  Its meant to be an intimate setting, not something huge like Madison Square Garden.


Music Hall Of Williamsburg


Death By Audio – Definitely not anything like Madison Square Garden or the likes, no this is a hole in the wall, underground music venue – and people are totally okay with that.  The venue has two, yes just two rooms, but its comfy and cozy and if you get their soon enough, you might even be able to sit up front and really see all the good action on the stage.

Bowery Ballroom – Anyone who is anyone or knows anything about music, knows this is the place to go.  It first started back in 1997 and since then has gone wildly popular beyond, I think anyone’s dreams.  The food is okay, beers are a little more expensive at around $8, but the Bowery boats 3 different floors with three different bars and the bands here pretty much vary from The Pixies to Metric and even Lauryn Hill.

Radio City Music Hall – Another popular venue that has catered to a variety of bands like Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Phish, and even madonna.  Its also known for its yearly Christmas show and, of course, the Rockettes – which by the way I love, great show, very entertaining!  If you get tickets here, try to get them so they are not under the balcony – the low ceiling doesn’t really work well when it comes to acoustics in the building.

Madison Square Garden – I had to add this one to the list.  This place is absolutely massive and the acoustics, if fine-tuned enough, can sound really amazing here.  A variety of bands have also played and continue to play here like Madonna, Prince and even the Grateful Dead.  Madison Square Garden also tends to have some really cool lighting, so while you might just want to keep eyes on the band, be sure to look up and around you as well, you never know what glimpse you might catch.


Madison Square Garden


Petes Candy Store – If big concert venues like MSG aren’t your thing, that’s okay, because Petes Candy Store is nothing like MSG, instead its probably one of the most intimate experiences you will ever have.  Its incredibly small in terms of space, but some times those are the best spaces you know?  You really get to be up close and personal with the band, who wouldn’t love that?  They play all kinds of music here, from jazz and bluegrass to folk and Indie.  Some nights are completely free depending on who is playing, while others nights even if you have to pay its still not expensive – to get in its usually around $5 to $10, again depends on who is playing.

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