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Top 5 Metallica Albums Of All Time


The Metallica “WorldWired” U.S. Tour has officially been announced for 2017.


The 2017 summer tour reaches on all the biggest venues in North America, so fans can expect an incredible show from their favourite band. Let’s revisit some of the very best albums the band has ever released. Many of these records will likely be a major part of the group’s setlist. Additionally, Metallica tickets are available right here at TheKingOfTickets.


1. Ride the Lightning

Let’s take it all the way back to 1984. Metallica’s second album has been named the best Metallica album by various music publications. Now its our turn to give Ride the Lightning the credit it deserves.


Not only are songs from  Ride The Lightning being played nearly 35 years later, but the album had a significant effect on the thrash metal genre. The multi-platinum record made way for numerous bands to follow in Metallica’s footsteps.


Some of the best songs from this album include, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Fade to Black” and “Creeping Death”. This record was followed by Metallica with an extremely successful world tour and established the basis for an impressive career that is still going strong today.


2. Master of Puppets

Ride The Lightning proved to be a tough act to follow, but Metallica established they were here to stay with Master of Puppets.


Master of Puppets rose to number two on the list because of its cultural impact too. Its music is energetic, angry and politically driven.


Metallica managed to tour with Ozzy Osbourne as a side-effect of the remarkable album. This album was also covered by bands from the thrash metal genre extensively.


3. And Justice For All

Three in a row, And Justice For All was released in 1988, and is the third successive album on our list from the 80s. Cliff Burton died after the release of Master of Puppets in 1986, as well as the group had to proceed without an important group member.


The album featured a different vibe from their previous works. The tunes are considerably longer than what Metallica fans are normally used to, although the music is extraordinary. Lead singer James Hetfield sounded a lot more enthusiastic on each song. The album was considerably more technically sound, and as a result it was labeled as progressive metal instead the typical thrash metal that Metallica is interchangeable with.


Also, the record again went multi-platinum.


4. Metallica (Black Album)

The 80s were the best decade for Metallica; however, their first record of the 90s was another one of their greatest. This record is, in addition, called The Black Album, and may feature one of the very well-known Metallica songs ever created. “Enter Sandman,” could be heard at most sporting events too and has been featured in countless films.


Additionally, The Black Album is the best-selling album the band has ever produced. It has gone platinum sixteen times, an astounding amount for any artist in any genre.


Metallica proved that it had the staying power to be one of the very best bands of all-time with another superb record. One of its finest achievements arrived more than two decades after its first release.


Expect a song or two off of The Black Album to resurface for their new tour.


5. Hardwired…to Self-Destruct

Last but not least on our list the most recent record released by Metallica. This record made the list owing to its incredible music, but also as a result of fact that longevity is something rarely achieved in the music industry. Their very first album was released in 1983, and 33 years later they released their tenth. Perhaps their most famous album to date.


Even though the other albums had decades to roll up their stats, Hardwired…to Self Destruct was an album that was popular immediately. In one week, the record topped charts in 57 different countries. It is Gold certified as of now, but inching nearer towards Platinum.


Some of the top tunes include, “Hardwired,” and “ Moth into Flame”. These songs could undoubtedly be big hits when the next tour is announced by Metallica. TheKingOfTickets will be the site to find all your Metallica tickets in 2017!

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