TLC’s New Song ‘Way Back’ – Listen Here


TLC has unveiled the new single “Way Back” from their fifth and final album, which doesn’t yet have a name. IHeartRadio premiered the track on Thursday. While T-Boz tweeted that Snoop Dogg is featured by the complete song, the melody that iHeartRadio debuted on Thursday does not contain his vocals.


“Don’t you ever think/ Back on all that other shit we went through/ You know I remember,” they sing. “Don’t you ever wish/ One day we could reminisce/ It feels like we were just together/ ‘Cause we go way back.” They also namedrop Marvin Gaye, Prince, James Brown and Michael Jackson.



TLC turned to Kickstarter to fund their “last and final record.” To date, they have raised more than $430,000. It’ll be the group’s first LP exclusively featuring T-Boz and Chilli.


TLC declared their record would be published on June 30th earlier this month, nevertheless they do not have a name for it. “We need your help… let’s hear your suggestions for the album title! Tionne and Chilli are still undecided so looking to you for inspiration,” their manager Bill Diggins posted on Kickstarter. Album name ideas could be made in the comment section of the post. If you are interested in seeing TLC live, you can browse tickets here!


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