The Weeknd’s New Song; False Alarm – Listen To It Here

The Weeknd

The Weeknd matches his brooding after hours aesthetic music with pulsating dance punk on his new song, “False Alarm.”


While “False Alarm” still discovers the Weeknd crooning lines like “Toilet stalls for the powdered nose” and “You love her but you’ll never be the one,” the creation is grittier than the glossy grooves of “I Can’t Feel My Face” or “In the Night.” The percussion is tight and constant, while the spacey synths and guitars build to a blaring chorus, which the Weeknd introduces with a scream.


“Starboy” is the title track off of the Weeknd’s forthcoming record, which is set to arrive November 25th.


This weekend, the Weeknd will perform at New York’s Meadows Festival alongside Kanye West, J. Cole and Chance the Rapper. He is also scheduled to perform on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live October 1st. Browse The Weeknd Tickets Here!

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