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The Total Package Tour 2017: New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block

The New Kids on the Block tour is coming in 2017. The group is forging ahead yet looking back. It was first a tour with the Backstreet Boys. Afterwards TLC and Nelly. Now, NKOTB ’s “Total Package Tour” will bring Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men on tour from May to July 2017.


Though new music has not been released by New Kids On The Block, this tour follows their recent biannual touring fad that keeps buffs content. The group toured in 2011 with the Backstreet Boys, tagging their collaborative record and tour NKOTBSB (a combined acronym for their two names). Then they toured in 2013, titled “The Package Tour,” for their latest studio album for the group. Most recently, “The Main Event Tour” in 2015 included throwbacks TLC and Nelly. This trend to bring-the-band-back-together continuously keeps NKOTB in forward motion. Buffs love to see their favorites that might not have performed recently on tour; it’s the sweet area of lineups for those who miss 90’s artists.


Paula Abdul is the biggest surprise in “The Total Package Tour” lineup. The performer-turned-American Idol-judge, Abdul’s last tour was almost 15 years ago, and she hasn’t released a studio album in a little over 10. Hence, this tour will be a total ode to her 90’s run. Abdul won a “Best Music Video – Short Form” Grammy for “Opposites Attract” in 1991 and two Primetime Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Choreography” in 1990 and 1987. Comeback? Maybe.


Boyz II Men is another exciting surprise to NKOTB’s tour that is relighting an R&B fire for fans. Their last record was semi-recent; in 2014, they released Collide. Boyz II Men’s R&B is known to contrive emotion through ballads, and their skill to perform cappella, made them a hit.


NKOTB continues to keep the 90’s in the twenty-first century with their tours featuring stars that are recognized. It’s exciting to find some of the business’s finest step back into the spotlight. The tour will certainly be as its name indicates: the total package.


Tickets go on sale today (November 19th) at 10am. Find your tickets at TheKingOfTickets!

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