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The Top Things That Make Going to Matches Great

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Whether you’re a fan of ice hockey, basketball, baseball, boxing, tennis, football, soccer, the Olympics… there’s something really great about going to watch sports. This is a primal and exhilarating feeling and it can really be a great way to let off some steam and to unwind after a particularly hard day or week.

But just what is it specifically that makes going to matches and games so enjoyable? There are hundreds of little things, but here are just a few…

The Atmosphere

This will vary from place to place. On the one hand, you have small town games that have great atmosphere because of how emotionally invested all the fans are. The players will be right in the moment too and overall, the chanting, shouting, crying and cheering is just amazing to listen to.

Then on the other hand you have the sprawling stadiums of the biggest teams. Walking up those steps to see such a massive stadium surrounded with so many fans and lit with those flood lights takes your breath away no matter how many times you’ve seen it!
Sports Fan At Stadium

The Food and Drink

When you’re watching the game, you have 90 minutes or however long to yourself to just sit back and be entertained. You don’t need to take any calls, you don’t need to do any work – this is your time.

And that makes it even more satisfying when the cold beer touches your lips. Or how about those dirty pies you get at soccer games? Or the hot dogs you get at baseball?

Often the food is greasy, low quality and very unhealthy but that’s kind of the point – this is a great chance to enjoy being unhealthy and to just eat something you know is bad for you!

Getting to Shout

This is hard to explain but when you’re at a game, it’s a great feeling being able to shout and yell at the ref and at the other team. Cheering for your own side is very cathartic too.

In our daily lives, we’re forced to be upstanding, moral citizens who never say boo to a goose. Boss on your back? Just smile and thank them for your employment. It bites!

But when you’re at the game, you’re free to express yourself as nature intended. Now you can be your primal, wild self and yell at the top of your lungs. It’s actually incredibly cathartic and you can come away feeling like you’ve just had an evil spirit exorcised…

The Excitement

Of course the game itself is usually pretty awesome too! Especially if it’s a close match with both teams neck and neck, pulling off some amazing feats of skill. This is like watching a real life action movie and it’s incredible what athletes can accomplish when they’re completely ‘in the zone’.

Being able to watch this kind of contest live is just an amazing privilege. And of course there’s often a whole lot of strategy and planning and training involved too.

It all comes together on this one day… and you’re there to see it. Exhilerating!

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