Sunday Recap Of The Cowboys-Packers Game

Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys entered Sunday the NFL’s top-ranked rushing offense. The Green Bay Packers entered the game with the NFL’s top-ranked rushing defense.


This game was guaranteed to be a battle.


And it was the Packers who were rolled over. Dallas put 191 rushing yards up on their way to a 30-16 victory.


The Packers had given up only 171 rushing yards in four games this season – the second fewest in the NFL.


Ezekiel Elliott, the fourth overall pick of the draft of this year, rushed for 157 yards, the first rookie in NFL history to 4 straight games of 130+ rushing yards.


“We are a physical team,” Elliott said before the game Sunday. “A lot of teams can’t keep that physical presence for four quarters. We aren’t going to back down, no matter what front they bring. So just the attitude that we have wears those guys down.”


No time was wasted by Dallas. After 2 yards from Elliott on the very first play, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott put in place a 14-yard completion to tight end Jason Witten. Elliott then ran for 11 yards and found a pass for 15 to set up the opening touchdown, A 1-yard pass to receiver Beasley.


Late in the 1st half, the Cowboys were lead by Elliott in place for an enormous touchdown push. With two successive runs by Elliott, the Cowboys ran an end-around to wide-receiver Lucky Whitehead for 26 yards. Two extended passes, including A 20-yard touch down pass to Bruce Butler, provided the Boys a 17-6 lead at halftime.


At his point Elliott was only getting started. On Dallas’ first play of the third quarter, he burst through a hole for 25 yards to help Dallas to a field goal. After, on yet another third-and-1, Prescott hit Whitehead for a gain of 35, the key play of a drive that extended the lead to 27 -9. Eventually, late in the fourth quarter, Elliott had a 29-yard run to help put the game out of reach for Green Bay.


After the game, Elliot thanked his offensive line for making it difficult for Packers defense.


“When you’re playing against a good team like that, you can’t give them an inch (or) they’ll take it a mile. And as you saw, that’s what happened today,” Mike Daniels (defensive end for the packers) said after the game.


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