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Some Tips for Surviving a Mosh Pit

Mosh Pit

Moshing is something that every young person should experience at least once. When you mosh, you’re essentially bouncing yourself off all the other patrons of the band and this can be an excellent way to lose yourself in the moment and to come away highly energized. What’s more is that it’s a great environment for crowd surfing!

But it’s also a rather strange looking activity from the periphery. And it can be a rather scary prospect deciding how to get stuck in! What if you get hurt? What if your phone gets broken?

Here are some tips that can help you to survive a mosh pit…
Warped Tour Mosh Pit

Don’t be Scared!

Moshing can look quite violent and scary when you’re watching it as an outsider. These are people who are throwing themselves into each other, pushing each other around and generally brawling. It looks like some kind of giant fight but in fact, you’d be surprised just how nice everyone is.

If someone falls over, then the crowd will almost always clear around them until they’re back on their feet. People aren’t here to fight (of course there are always going to be the odd bad eggs). So just have fun!

Be Polite

Likewise, make sure that you’re in the right spirit of things! Be polite, don’t be competitive and don’t get annoyed if someone bumps into you… that’s kind of the point!

Go With the Push

If you want to get by without too many bruises, then going with the push is the best advice. Let the crowd move you and don’t try and push back.

Protect Your Feet!

The part of you that’s most likely to get injured is your feet. With so many people pushing around, wearing open toed sandals or heels is just asking for trouble. Steel capped boots are a much safer option but do keep in mind that you can end up hurting other people if you go with something too heavy duty!

Protect Your Phone and Wallet

If you know you’re going to be moshing, then think about this before taking your valuables with you. Having a nice camera around your neck is a bad idea. Likewise, so too is keeping an expensive phone in a lose pocket. Instead then, use zip up pockets, leave things at home or ask a friend to look after them for you. The best way to bring cash is to roll up a 20 and stick it in your back pocket!

Dress for Success

Wear thick clothes that will protect you and if you’re a woman, avoid skimpy outfits that can easily get pulled or torn – you might end up showing a bit more skin that intended otherwise!

Avoid wearing your very favorite clothes too. There’s a good chance of ripping, so just be smart. And it should go without saying that dangly earrings and necklaces are a bad call.

Bring Water

This is one of the most important tips of all. Not only does it get very hot in here (leading to dehydration) but you may also find you want to rinse afterward. A not-so-nice fact about the mosh pit is just how sweaty everyone gets. By the end of the night you’ll have rubbed up against an awful lot of topless, hairy men. A bottle of water is a Godsend!


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