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Some Great Shows to Visit in London’s West End

Phantom Of The Opera

There are plenty of places around the globe where you can see a show but few spots have quite the prestige of London’s West End. If you’re looking to see some great theatre, then visiting England’s capital is a great way to spoil yourself.

But with so much to choose from, where do you start? There are countless plays and shows you can catch in London, so how do you narrow it down? Read on and we’ll look at a few good ones that you might have missed.

And of course if you’re not visiting London any time soon, then most of these shows can be caught on tour or in a range of other spots!

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is an absolute classic and for very good reason! This is an atmospheric, haunting and beautiful musical with a lot of incredibly memorable tunes and some stunning set-pieces. There’s a sequel too but unfortunately it doesn’t come close to matching the majesty of the original. Andrew Lloyd Webber at his absolute best!

Phantom Of The Opera

The War of the Worlds

This is the musical War of the Worlds with music by Jeff Wayne. If you ever had the CD, then you’ll know just how incredible a lot of this music is and how spooky the ‘Ulllaaah’ of the aliens is.

What’s especially amazing about this show though is just how well it translates to the stage. The show uses a large screen, some great lighting and ‘projection’ technology to place Liam Neeson right in the action. The alien rigs look great and the whole thing is just brimming with atmosphere and great 80s-style synth music.

One Man, Two Guvnors

One Man, Two Guvnors is a much more straight-up play. This is a comedy that has been around a long time and that stands up remarkably well. There’s a fair amount of physical humor here but it’s done in a very smart way that will definitely hold your attention. Something a bit different!


Shrek the musical is not as well-known as some other West End shows but it deserves to be! Not only is the music surprisingly catchy but the plot translates very well indeed to the stage. What’s more is that this show has some particularly excellent set pieces. One especially impressive scene has Shrek and Donkey crossing a bridge over a lava-filled pit – and it’s brilliant just how.

Avenue Q

Avenue Q is a smart show using puppets to parody the likes of Sesame Street and add a certain amount of cynicism. There’s a good message at the end and some catchy tunes and the show is very funny. Perhaps most impressive though is just how you forget that you’re watching puppets.

This is possibly the closest you’ll come to seeing Pixar in real life! Unfortunately, it’s not really one you can take your kids to though…

Of course this is barely scratching the surface. Other great choices include Wicked, Les Miserables, The Lion King… no matter who you are there’s something here to suit all tastes!

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