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Should The Warriors Worry With Curry’s Injury?

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry, who returned to action after missing the previous two games as a result of a sprained right ankle, will undergo an MRI on Monday after spraining his knee halfway through Golden State’s 121-94, Game 4 win over the Houston Rockets.

While guarding Trevor Ariza at the first half buzzer, Curry slammed his right knee on the floor.

Are Warriors championship contenders without Curry?

Stephen Curry’s sprained knee casts a shadow over the Warriors’ postseason.

An MRI exam Monday could reveal the worst about Steph Curry’s knee. But on Sunday afternoon, his Warriors teammates decided to play above and beyond.
Warriors’ triumph on backburner after Curry departs with knee injury.

Stephen Curry

Golden State got back on course in its opening series against Houston, but the big story is the state of Stephen Curry.

Curry went in an evaluation of the knee and returned after halftime to the court, but he stopped and shook his head toward the seat. Shortly afterwards, he headed back to the locker room and was ruled out after the second half started, with Shaun Livingston taking his position.

“He was standing there weeping, you know, and like, ‘Dog, simply get out of here. “We gotta support him, you know, and be there for him. I mean, he came out and obviously gave it a go, wasn’t 100 percent, and he gave it a go, and it’s unfortunate that that happened.

“But at the end of the day, one thing we have always talked about is our depth, and we’ve gotta use that to win games, and so we used that tonight.”

Added teammate Klay Thompson: “We knew as soon as Steph went down we were going to have to do it ourselves. The ball was swinging around, Draymond got hot, I made a couple, and the floor opened up, and we were having good shots and just patient. That’s why we were successful.”

Curry had six points on 2-of- 7 from behind the 3-point line -of- 9 shooting, including 1.

He seemed to slip on a wet spot, started when the Donatas Motiejunas of Houston slid across the court for a few yards near the 3-point circle.
Steph Curry will get an MRI after spraining his right knee midway through Game 4.

“His conditioning was better than I anticipated,” Golden State coach Steve Kerr said. “And then he slips on the wet spot, regrettably, and back to square one. We’ll see what happens with the MRI tomorrow.”

ESPN Radio, “If Steph Curry’s out, I’d probably write us off also. That is human nature [because] the man’s the MVP of the league, but we have got a team full of adversaries.

“We’re not gonna bow down or lay down against anyone. We are gonna continue to play our game, continue to try to win basketball games, regardless of who’s out there.”

Green said the same of the Rockets, citing last season’s Western Conference semifinals between the Los Angeles Clippers and Houston. The Clippers led that series 3-1 before the Rockets rallied with three straight wins to progress.

“They ain’t laying down,” Green said. “It’s not going to be easy. We know they are a really gifted ballclub when they get it going. They get hot from the 3, they are able to do anything on the flooring. We have to come out and take the game, knowing that it is not going to be easy, understanding Steph probably will not be playing.”

The Rockets had their own issues at point guard. Patrick Beverley strained his right leg, and the team declared before the beginning of the second half he would not return.

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