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Rent Musical To Celebrate 20 Years


It’s been a full two decades since Jonathan Larson’s seminal musical Rent. To celebrate the milestone anniversary, it’s been confirmed that a national tour of the adored musical will be making its way to theatres around the state starting in September and carrying over well into 2017.

View an uptodate list of Rent tour dates for 2016-2017 at the bottom of the page.
Original Creative Team to Reunite for 20th Anniversary Rent Tour

Rent Musical

As of April 29, the total cast for the Rent tour remains pending, but it’s been confirmed that several members of the original creative team will come together for the new production. Among the returning creatives are choreographer Marlies Yearby, costume designer Angela Wendt, and music supervisor Tim Weil. The show will be directed by Evan Ensign, who’s possibly best known for his direction and stage management work on Avenue Q, Hair, and Dream Girls. Ensign also served as a Resident Assistant Director for the initial Broadway run of Rent.

Since making its Broadway debut on April 29, 1996, Rent has become one of the most precious modern musicals. In addition to winning four Tony Awards (including Best Musical), six Drama Desk Awards (including Outstanding Musical), and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Rent was adapted into a popular 2005 film featuring original cast members Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, Anthony Rapp, Jesse L. Martin, and Wilson Jermaine Heredia.

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Sept. 20 – Oct. 2 – Dallas, Texas

Oct. 7-9 – Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Oct. 11-16 – Durham, N.C.
Oct. 18-23 – Nashville, Tenn.
Oct. 28-30 – Wilmington, N.C.

Nov. 11-12 – Kalamazoo, Mich.
Nov. 15-17 – Syracuse, N.Y.
Nov. 25-27 – Des Moines, Iowa

Jan. 6-8 – Costa Mesa, Calif.
Jan. 10-15 – San Diego, Calif.
Jan. 20-22 – Portland, Ore.

Feb. 21-26 – Seattle, Wash.

March 3-5 – San Antonio, Texas
March 14-16 – Grand Rapids, Mich.
March 31 – April 2 – Baltimore, Md.

April 12-23 – Boston, Mass.
April 28-30 – New Haven, Conn.

May 19-21 – St. Louis, Mo.

June 2-4 – Omaha, Neb.
June 6-11 – Minneapolis, Minn.
June 16-18 – Memphis, Tenn.

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