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Professional Bull Riding At Madison Square Garden

Professional Bull Riding

This weekend will mark the eleventh straight year Professional Bull Riding has been held at Madison Square Garden. This event in New York City has fast become one of the very successful and most publicized on the PBR Tour.


Lots of individuals wouldn’t think of New York City as a great city for professional bull riding. But, the thought that bull riding is only popular in small towns in the western United States is being smashed 8 seconds at a time in the Big Apple.


Not only does New York City look like a nontraditional place for a professional bull riding, Madison Square Garden may surprise some as the venue of choice for the PBR tour. When they think of Madison Square Garden,  many folks think of Knicks basketball or Rangers hockey. Once the 750 tons of dirt is laid down in the stadium, Madison Square Garden becomes a setting for world class bull riding.

Few stadiums in the world can fit Madison Square Garden’s history or feeling. In summary, the Garden is the ideal venue for one of the most exceptional and interesting events in the Big Apple of 2017.


PBR events are famous for their exciting and rambunctious emotions for the fans, along with being family-friendly. Every PBR event starts with various special effects, music and pyrotechnics.


The elite Built Ford Tough Series features the top 35 bull riders on the planet. Bulls are considered athletes like the riders and can win prize money for their owners.


It’s really quite difficult, although it might sound simple to remain on a bull for only eight seconds. Way less than half of all rides are successful for the rider. They risk being injured when riders are thrown from a bull. However, they’re trained professionals and are often able to escape unharmed.


The 15 riders that collect in the most points progress to the last round. The riders’ points are added up from all their rides, the rider with the most points wins first place.


PBR has changed into a popular, competitive professional sport. The intense action travels across the nation in 2017. Find PBR tickets here!

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