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Pharrell Williams And Jimmy Fallon Competed In The “Name That Song Challenge” On ‘The Tonight Show’


Their “Name That Song Challenge” followed simple rules. The Roots choose a song – this group was heavy in the 80’s – and they played one instrument at a time, usually leading with a synthesizer. The contestants are equipped with buzzers; whoever rings first gets to name the song.


Fallon dominated the first half of this game, quickly identifying A-Ha’s “Take on Me” and Toto’s “Africa.” He chortled with glee after he named a tune correctly and brought a slightly manic intensity to the competition – especially compared to Williams, who originally seemed cool and somewhat detached from the proceedings.


But Williams was seemingly biding his time: After falling behind, he pulled even by beating Fallon to the buzzer once the Roots played Johnny Kemp’s “Just Got Paid” and celebrated with his own amusing victory dance. Williams won the best-of-seven series a minute later by distinguishing “Drop It Like It’s Hot” – a Number One hit he helped create for Snoop Dogg.


Williams was on The Tonight Show to promote the film Despicable Me 3, out Friday. The soundtrack to the movie includes five new songs from Williams.



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