Pat Green’s New Song ‘Drinkin’ Days’ – Listen Here

Pat Green

Pat Green finally has time to reflect these days. The Texas country stalwart, now 45, can afford to look back on his younger days of pursuing fame and fortune since leaving the major label treadmill and also Nashville in 2009. It is the partying that went with it, however, that Green focuses on in his wistful new single, “Drinkin’ Days.”


An acoustic number with fiddle and a singalong chorus, the song – the “Wave on Wave” singer’s first release since 2015’s Home LP – has a boozy, back porch feel, even though Green says he’s long since sober.


“I don’t think anybody has reached a midpoint in their lives and not gone mad. Hangovers, they’re sure tougher now,” Green mentions about middle age, with a laugh. “It’s like they’ve got a new model, hangover 9.0, that gets updated every day.” While Green is a family man, he remembers those days happily: “My party days were fantastic, I had a blast. They were absolute wonderful times,” he says. “But, you know, you keep that up and you’re going to look like shit and be dead somewhere.” Listen to “Drinkin’ Days” below.


While Green has not released new music in two years, he hasn’t exactly slowed down, having taken up painting and sculpting and is also a partner in a Texas-based restaurant group. But the San Antonio native, who some once accused of selling out to the Nashville institution, loves picking and choosing what he records.



“I haven’t recorded any music that I don’t really love,” Green says of the previous eight years, acknowledging that that had not always been the case. “I never thought that was bad a thing that I was facilitating to a record label, because they put so much money behind me to make it work.”


“Drinkin’ Days” is out now on digital media and is the single for a brand new EP expected to be released later this year. Green is currently on tour, playing tonight to the Country 500 Music Fest in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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