Our UFC 200 Predictions

Brock Lesnar

The card may have lost Jon Jones, but it picked up Anderson Silva and retained everything despite a whirlwind fight week. Arguably the greatest fight card the UFC has seen, capped off with a women’s bantamweight title fight is featured by the largest fight in history.

Where: T-Mobile Arena, Vegas, Nevada


My sense is that Nunes will be competitive early, but will eventually fade. And when she does, Tate will pounce. Should the champion drop and I anticipate Nunes to open with outstanding, consistent movement, fast hands, follow up with ferocious ground and pound. Tate will need to use everything she has to live, but if she has shown anything, it is incredible determination and durability. Nunes is hard to fight so long as she’s doing those things, but her movement stops when her gas tank fades. She becomes much more easy to take down or hit. When that threshold is reached, Tate will take over, likely in top spot on the earth where she is mixing with positional passes in submission efforts. I do not know that she’ll actually submit Nunes, but she can undoubtedly TKO her on top.

Pick: Tate


Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt

There are two fights from this week that I wanted to stay away from in relation to attempting to offer any actual forecast. Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Claudia Gadelha was the first. This is the second. It is not that a forecast is difficult to come by, but asserting it with certainty seems ridiculous. There are simply too many unknowns. I’m hearing on the earth here Hunt’s training camp was especially short or strenuous. Lesnar’s physical measurement seems like he’s been doing bodybuilding, not powerlifting. Is any of this accurate? What will five years away for Lesnar do to him? Hunt’s ability to defend and get up off the base is improved, but is it enough against a behemoth like Lesnar. I really have not the faintest idea. My best guess is that should likely make the difference and Hunt’s been active the last five years while Lesnar hasn’t. Hunt should manage to defy the early strikes of Lesnar and make him pay after first round or early second. Truly, though, I don’t have any clue.

Pick: Hunt

Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva

There is no logical case for Silva other than if Cormier tries to box at his standard range, Silva can counter him. Short of that, though, what else is there? Silva’s undersized and underprepared. Cormier has every possible advantage given the position. Perhaps craziness is upon us, but all things being equal, Cormier should cruise.

Pick: Cormier


My feeling is that Edgar has improved, while Aldo has basically plateaued adding elements to his match in the last few years. That doesn’t mean Aldo can’t win, but I am thinking Edgar is going to have a considerably simpler time neutralizing Aldo’s movement and driving the Brazilian to simplify his offense with pressure and varied offense of his own. The first fight was close, but Edgar wasn’t far off. This time around he should be corral Aldo long enough to require at least three rounds.

Pick: Edgar


Let us just say this. If Velasquez is in shape instead of really injured, this has to be his fight. He should be able to quickly close the distance and either attack Browne with an underhook against the fence or induce a scramble. Velasquez will pour on the punishment from various iterations of turtle situation, as Browne tries to himself. Ultimately, if Velasquez can score a takedown, he will probably manage to either return him to the mat immediately or keep Browne there. One way or the other, it’s only difficult to envision a scenario that is likely where Browne has the space and time to launch offense that is consistent.

Pick: Velasquez


Jon Jones

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