NBA Finals Ticket Prices Trend

NBA Finals

Throughout the 2016 NBA Playoffs, there have been some fascinating trends when it comes to ticket costs. There was generally a vast difference in ticket costs between matchups featuring at least one top tier team, compared to matchups consisting of two lower grade teams, with the former selling for much higher.


Now the NBA Finals are in full swing, we decided to have a look at some of the ticket trends from this year’s matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. For most series’ throughout the playoffs, ticket prices were at their best when they decreased overtime as game day drew nearer, and were available for purchase. Nonetheless, that has not been the situation to the same extent for this year’s Finals.


For the most part, costs eventually rallied and leveled off, although ticket prices for matches at Oracle Arena in Oakland dropped off after they were initially made accessible. Tickets for game seven at Oracle Arena had taken a drop mid May.


In Cleveland, ticket costs for the three potential games at Quicken Loans Arena for the 2016 Finals have stayed practically identical, with ticket prices for games three and four taking a very little dip and ticket prices for game six increasing slightly.


Tickets for The Finals demanded the most cash out of any series in the playoffs, as you would expect. For a brief period of time, tickets for three of the Finals matches at Oracle Arena were selling for over $2,000 a section, on average. No other matchup in the playoffs came close to that, with just three other series’ (Cleveland vs Toronto, Golden State vs Oklahoma City, and Golden State vs Portland) featuring games that had tickets that averaged over $1,000.


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