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Listen Here: Lana Del Rey’s New Song ‘Love’

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has unveiled her surprise new single “Love” off her approaching, as yet-untitled album, the singer’s first song in nearly 16 months.


“Look at you kids with your vintage music / Coming through satellites while cruising / You’re part of the past, but no, you’re the future,” Del Rey sings on the retro-sounding, Sixties girl group-inspired track. “It’s enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy sometimes.”


Later on the track, Del Rey croons, “Oh, to be young and in love,” which was the song’s original name. The song finishes using a nod to the Beach Boys’ classic “Don’t Worry Baby.”


A Rich Lee-directed video for “Love” will also be released shortly. The single is also available to buy on iTunes.


The vocalist teased the imminent coming of her comeback single with a series of cinematic posters that were plastered around Los Angeles. “Love” finally leaked early ahead of its actual release date.


While Del Rey remained largely out of the limelight in 2016, she did appear on the Weeknd’s “Stargirl Interlude” off his Starboy.

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