Lillie Mae’s First Music Video From Her Album With Jack White

Jack White

It’s difficult to coincide with the dynamism that Jack White unleashes on a stage, but there was always something about the existence of his group member Lillie Mae, who played fiddle, mandolin and supplied backing vocals, that demonstrated she was equally capable of a starring role.


This was often because of her performance on tunes like Lazaretto’s “Temporary Ground,” where her Appalachian tones and sly, smart strings helped bridge White’s renegade blues with subversive southern traditions. Now the two have paired up again, except it is with Mae leading. Her White-made production ‘Forever and Then Some’ set to be released April 14th. Watch the video for the album’s first single, “Over The Hill and Through The Woods,” below.


Directed by Elise Tyler, the video features haunting shots of a solo Mae, images that echo the song’s tales of solitude in the aftermath of a failing love affair along with the unpredictability of a restless, wandering heart.



The siblings of Mae appear on ‘Forever and Then Some’, with guitarist Frank Carter Rische, Scarlett Rische on mandolin and harmony vocals from McKenna Grace Rische.


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