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How to Take Great Photos at a Sports Game

Going to watch the game? Then you might want to take some action packed photos while you’re there! This is a great way to make a memory of the occasion and also to create something cool and dramatic to look back on later on.

If you’re really talented, then you might even be able to take photos that could be used on a blog or somewhere else. At the very least, they’ll look good on your Facebook cover image!

But the question is how you go about taking the best photos at a sports game. What’s the secret to getting some really action packed shots? How do you capture the dynamism in the moment? Those scaled back photos of the game from up high just don’t look all that impressive and this is an easy way to make your shots look boring…

The Right Equipment

With that in mind then, the first thing you need is the right equipment. You actually don’t need to be sat right behind the net/goal in order to get the best photos – as long as you have a great camera you’ll be able to zoom in on the action and see what’s happening from up high.

You can always invest in a DLSR camera if you’re very set on taking professional looking photos regularly but otherwise you can actually do very well with what’s known as a ‘superzoom’ camera. This is just a camera that has relatively average specifications except for a big, powerful lens added on to let you zoom in nice and close!
Digital Camera

Move Around

Another tip is not to be afraid to move around. You have your seat yes but if you want to get a photo from another angle you can always take your camera with you when you get up to go the toilet. This is pretty important in fact, as otherwise all your photos are going to be taken at the exact same angle!

Use Burst Photography

One of the hardest parts of taking photos of the action is managing to freeze frame just on that important moment. When something amazing happens very quickly, how do you make sure that you manage to capture it?

One solution is to look for a ‘burst photography’ mode on your camera which should let you take a series of photos in rapid succession by holding down the photo button.

Another tip is to film the action and then to take freeze frames later on. This can work well if you have a high quality 4K video camera built in!

Motion Blur

Motion blur is something you may or may not want in your image. Ideally, you may want the background to blur slightly while keeping the player in focus. To do this, use a shutter speed between 1/60seconds and 1/125 seconds for cars and bikes, or a little slower if it’s a player who’s just running.

Find Your Moment!

Finally, note that it’s not always the most dramatic goal, home-run or ace that makes for the best photo. Sometimes, the best photos are the moments where the players are pacing and you can see the concern in their face. Look to tell a story and capture the atmosphere!

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