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How to Get Away With Sitting in Rival Team’s Stand…

Watching a sport is incredibly exhilarating and a big part of this is just how emotional and excited the crowd get. Fans get so invested in the performance of their team that they will shout, cheer, sing, yell and even cry as they watch their favorite team.

To an outsider it can all look a little intimidating but when you’re there and in the moment, it creates a certain buzz and charge that is hard to describe.

So that’s all great….

Until you sit in the wrong stand that is! Suddenly you know how it must have felt to be a German spy in World War 2. You can’t let anyone know that you support the other team (lest you get eaten alive) but you also don’t want to cheer when your team is losing… So what do you do?

Choose Your Seat Carefully

If you have the freedom to choose your seats, then a good idea is to think about where you want to put yourself. Assuming you’re in the home stand, you’ll find that there are probably particular spots where the most diehard fans congregate. You want to avoid this area of course! Likewise, it’s often a good idea to move a bit toward the back. This way, you can celebrate a little without so many people seeing!

Wear Neutral Colors

This is another important tip: always make sure to wear neutral colors. You might be tempted to try and fit in by wearing the other team’s colors. This can be a mistake though as you’ll feel uncomfortable and enjoy the match less as a result. Moreover, wearing the wrong colors essentially means you’re lying – and this can get you into trouble if you get found out!

Baseball Stadium


It’s painful sitting in the wrong stand and not being able to celebrate when your team scores a goal. Fortunately though, there are ways you can still celebrate. One good example of this is just to text a friend and to vent your emotions that way!

Enjoy Some Fun Rivalry

Fans come in all kinds of different flavors. At any sports game there will be some people who you’d rather not inform that you’re an imposter. But likewise, there are always going to be some less extreme spectators too. And actually, if you strike up some fun banter with these people it can add to your experience.

Try and suss out what the person next to you is like and if you think they’re slightly more laid back, let them know that you’re secretly routing for the other team. This can add something a little different to your enjoyment of the game. And you never know, you may just make a friend!


Finally, bear in mind that most people are far too busy watching the game to really be bothered by what you’re doing. You don’t need to cheer for the other team, in fact if you look around you’ll find there are plenty of people just quietly enjoying the game!

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