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How to Crowd Surf

Crowd Surf

Crowd surfing is something that a lot of people have never had the chance to experience. This is an exhilarating feeling though, as you are lifted about the crowd and being given the chance to survey the entertainment from a completely new angle. That and it’s actually quite a strangely uplifting moment (no pun intended) to put your trust in complete strangers this way and have it rewarded.

When a complete stranger asks you if you want them to lift you up, it’s a great feeling!

The problem is that a lot of people just don’t know how to start crowd surfing. Even if you go to a concert where it’s happening, how do you get the opportunity to get picked up? Here are some pointers that will help you do it right.

Crowd Surfing

Go to the Right Concert

If you’re eager to give crowd surfing a go, then it’s very important to make sure that you are at the right concert! For starters, some venues won’t allow crowd surfing at all and this may even lead to you getting thrown out!

And of course you need to go to the right genre of music if you’re hoping to get the opportunity. Don’t go and see a Frank Sinatra tribute and hope to get carried to the stage!

Safety Tips

If you know you’re going to be crowd surfing, then think hard about what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to carry your belongings. If you have an expensive phone or a wallet in a lose pocket, then try giving it to a friend before you go up.

One more tip is to be sensible about your likelihood of going up. Don’t force the issue if the crowd isn’t there and if you’re 6’5’’ carrying some extra weight, it will be harder to get other people to go along with it.

Initiating the Surf

So how do you initiate the surf? First, wait until lots of other people are doing it and there’s a good vibe in the venue. You then need to find a spot just outside the densest part of the crowd. This is important because you need space to be lifted but you need to make sure there are enough people to carry you once you’re up.

Now get two friends to help you up by putting your arm over their shoulders and placing a foot in their hands. They’ll then move you along backwards. It’s important you be on your back, otherwise you can get some fingers in places you don’t really want them… It will help a lot too if you can inform some people around you that you’re going up. Once you have some initial momentum, the rest takes care of itself.

The main risk here is that the crowd thins out and you get lowered, or that you don’t get enough enthusiasm early on. It’s actually surprisingly safe though as you should always have a couple of hands holding on still to help you come down gently. The aim of course though is to make it to the stage!

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