How To Buy Legit Tickets Online

Buying tickets online can be a really fun and a really cheap experience. Lets be honest, concert and sports tickets aren’t always available in our area or they are expensive.  So this is why a lot of people flock online to buy them – and that’s okay!  Its pretty ingenious actually.

But, there are ways to get scammed, and though its unfortunate, its best to smarten up if you want to continue doing this procedure and getting tickets online.  One of the best tips I have is to buy from a reputable site or a website in general that has been online for awhile.  Here are two sites NOT to buy tickets from:


eBay: eBay seems like it would be a great website to buy tickets from right?  Well, unfortunately there are millions of people on this site and Admin and Mods cant keep up with all the scammers, so sometimes some get through.  Ebay is a great site to buy anything else on, except for tickets.  First off, eBay users can be from anywhere across the universe and these other countries tend to have different laws than we do in the USA.

So if someone scams you, for instance in the UK, you might not have any legal rights to sue them or even try to get your money back, because of different judicial and federal laws.  Its also hard to tell who you can trust and who you cannot trust on eBay – even with the rating system.

Craigslist: Another great website, but one you might want to stay away from for concert and sports tickets.  Recently a woman went on to Craigslist to sell her tickets to the Luke Bryan concert.  Unfortunately 100 people got scammed.

What she did was she took ONE ticket, photocopied it, and printed 100 tickets out.  She then had people messaging her to which she replied to have them pay her with XXX payment processor or to send her the money and she would send them the ticket.

Little did these people know they were all buying the same ticket!  Again, craigslist isn’t a bad place, but for things like this, you can surely find other sites that are much better and safer to use.


Buying Legit: If you want to buy a legit ticket, make sure you are ordering it from a legit website that sells tickets, this includes sites like The King Of Tickets or even Stub Hub.  Make sure that the tickets you purchase are not only from a legit website but also that:

– The tickets don’t have anyone else’s name on them.  If they have someones name on them besides yours and who you are going to see, its probably a scam.

– If it has no price, no date or no name of the person, group or team you are going to see, its probably a scam.  The ticket should always have the date on it, and usually the price, as well as some sort of recognition of who its for ie; The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Rolling Stones, Disney On Ice, etc.

You can also check online for known scammers and known fake businesses that sell bad tickets and you can check online for counterfeit tickets from the Sheriffs office too.


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