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How Much Is Cardi B Getting Paid For Coachella?

Cardi B

Cardi B can make money moves! What about a brand new interview with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, she reveals just exactly how much cash will likely be moving to her bank account when she plays Coachella: $70,000 each day, which means $70,000 every weekend.


This sounds a lot for a regular human being. But for a star as large as Cardi B, it is actually not. She will most likely lose money playing the festival, in fact, since she is obviously spending almost $300,000 on the stage set, that she views as an “investment.”


Why is she not making much cash off of Coachella? Essentially because Coachella lucked out by having to book her more than 6 months ago, when she was not quite as large of a draw as she is currently. And also possibly since she did not know Coachella was such a huge deal, as she additionally describes in the interview.


Take a look at a clip from the interview below.



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