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Green Day Detail Their New Album, Tour With Weezer and Fall Out Boy

Green Day

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong said he “wanted to do something different.” After the release of 2016’s “Revolution Radio,” the lead vocalist decided to make the new album soulful, incorporating music from artists such as Smokey Robinson and even Amy Winehouse. He added: “I’d always loved British mod music from the Sixties, but I wanted to go to where the source was and see if I could put [soul] through the Green Day filter.”


The breakthrough moment in the process happened at Armstrong’s place in Newport Beach, California. He was just jamming with bandmate and drummer Tre Cool who came up with “a nasty f*cking beat.” Armstrong immediately came up with a title: ‘Father of All Motherf*ckers.’ He worked it into a 1960s-like dance-party piece complete with a Prince-style falsetto.


The tune became the titular track of the group’s new album, “Father of All… .’ which drops February 7, 2020. The new, experimental work features wiry riffs, danceable grooves, and a mix of musical genres from vintage R&B to New Wave. Bassist Mike Dirnt adds that some selections remain rooted in a bedrock of punk too. He concluded that such cuts as “Junkies on a High” and “Meet Me on the Roof” are “Green Day firing on all cylinders.”


The band will debut the new songs on their Hella Mega Tour. Included in this 2020 stadium tour will be Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Armstrong says: “Playing a stadium is pretty sick in itself. But we really wanted to have the biggest rock tour of the year.”


Green Day will close every night of this tour, which is the first time they appear with Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy inducted Green Day into the famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame four years ago, and also cited the “Dookie” album as inspiration for their founding.


Green Day also has a history with Weezer. They both broke out in the same era. Armstrong concludes: “We both kind of came up at the same time, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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