Giancarlo Stanton Wins 2016 Home Run Derby

Giancarlo Stanton

Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton’s second Home Run Derby turned out to be an experience. Stanton out-homered the competition Monday, defeating reigning champion Todd Frazier in the final round to win the 2016 Home Run Derby.


Stanton was a beast from the start as expected. The 26-year old put on a complete show in his first round, smashing 24 home runs in only 30 swings to defeat Robinson Cano 24-7.


Second round was also won by Stanton. He smashed the ball, while he didn’t hit as many home runs, Fourteen of his 17 home runs traveled at least 440 feet.


With the performance, Stanton overcame No. 1 overall seed Mark Trumbo, who led the majors with 28 home runs coming into the competition. Trumbo came hitting 14 home runs during the round.


In order to claim the belt, however, Stanton had to dethrone the king. Stanton did exactly that, taking down Frazier 20 to 13. Stanton had hit 61 home runs, establishing a new Home Run Derby record, when the dust cleared.


After such a tremendous first round, it was a fitting way to stop the night. Baseball’s greatest power hitter is now the Home Run Derby winner. There was a reason he was considered the favorite.


There were loads of other highlights from the night, while Stanton was the largest storyline.


Cincinnati Reds outfielder and relative unknown Adam Duvall made a name for himself, before narrowly losing to Frazier in the second round hitting 26 home runs over the first two rounds.


Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez may have had the most engaging performance of the night. He managed to break a guy’s souvenir beer cup with a swing. Along with that, one of his close home runs caused a terrible crash in right among the ball kids.


Finally, though, Stanton’s enormous power ruled. He was the storyline from the start, so it’s fitting he walked away with the crown when all was said and done.

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