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Florence and the Machine

Florence And The Machine

That’s right, Ms. Welch met her present manager, Mairead Nash, in a nightclub bathroom back in 2006 in London. Welch and Nash were just talking in the restroom “about Welch and boys”, desired to impress her so she sang a snippet of an Etta James song. Lo and behold her future manager was impressed enough in that moment to sign her, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Florence didn’t drink for this latest record.

The lead singer is fairly explicit about liking the party scene and enjoying a drink (or several) on occasion. But in an interview with Rolling Stone, Florence talks about a crazy point in her life when a friend gave some advice that is straightforward to quit drinking for a while. By the sound of it, this decision was a good one, as their latest record How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful was nominated for several awards including Grammys for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song for “What Kind of Man” as well as a nomination for British Female Solo Artist.

“I was willing to try anything at that stage. It undoubtedly helped me write my last record.”

Florence & The Machine

Florence with a dark side.

Welch is known for her fascination with eccentricity and darkness creating fanciful worlds she “ gets lost in” through her music and clothes. As a youngster, Florence grew up in family of creative styles; among them her father was a musician in his early years, her mum is a Professor of Renaissance Studies, her uncle, Craig Brown, is a well known English satirist, another uncle is an actor, and her maternal grandmother was an art historian. There was no shortage of inspiration, but a dark time came to Florence at a young age when her grandparents died within just a couple years of one another. The death of Florence’s grandmas in particular inspired some of the tunes on the 2009 album Lungs. Florence and the Machine’s enchantment with gloom plays into their whimsical music and unique fashion. The lead singer in an interview admitted that she adores witchcraft, “seances, heaven and hell, voodoo… and all that items.”

The Machine and the Florence Trend.

Florence and the Machine dresses the part, to fit their creative fashion. In particular you’ll see the lead singer and complement the sound of her music. You would additionally be hard-pressed to find a performance where she’s not wearing flowers or using gear adorned with blossoms, again creating a whimsical world in which she and her listeners get lost in. Her bandmates also participate in the non-traditional style by wearing dark shades on stage that counter Florence’s lighter material.

The Machine and Florence ’s name source.

Dialing back to 2006, Florence was performing as “Florence Robot” with her pal “Isabella Machine.” On her way to her initial gig, Ms. Welch desired a stage name and thought of a mashup “Florence Robot Is A Machine,” but it was too long. Later altered to “Florence and the Machine” Ms. Welch taken the name with her as she joined forces with her current bandmates: Isabella Summers (the Isabella, from ‘Isabella Machine’), Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Tom Monger, Mark Saunders, Rusty Bradshaw.

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