Five Finger Death Punch & Shinedown Tour

Jason Hook

Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown commenced their winter tour on Tuesday in North Little Rock, Arkansas. As this extensive American tour sweeps through big cities, the heavy metal band will be playing shows through December. Enormous stadiums such as Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center and Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena are hosting the popular metal band. Five Finger Death Punch is taking Sixx: A.M. and As Lions with them. In addition, the band is bringing their passion for charity.


Five Finger Death Punch is offering a VIP Meet and Greet with all of the groups by entering to win. You an enter this contest by donating through their sponsored charities. The nonprofits are MusiCares, Don’t Sell Bodies, Badge of Honour Memorial Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation. On the band’s site, the tour’s personal message states, “We hope you enter and win the VIP experience, but no matter what, your support will help thousands of people and means the world to us.” It is important bands use their popularity for good. The 5FDP’s public stage is an effective instrument to promote positive social change.


At the shows, fans can anticipate a high intensity, high velocity show filled with passionate fans headbanging to the music. Concertgoers aren’t generally disappointed at a Five Finger Death Punch or Shinedown show due to the bands’ given expectations.


Five Finger Death Punch is among the most celebrated metal bands recently. Since their start in 2005, the band has released six studio albums and has toured, garnering a strong fan base. Their recent 2015 record Got Your Six followed The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1 and 2. There’s never been a deficit of musical inspiration or lapse in album releases for Five Finger Death Punch. Listeners describe their music as a mixture of hard rock, alternative metal, and groove metal. The group includes five members: drummer Jeremy Spencer, guitarist Jason Hook, vocalist Ivan Moody, bass player Chris Kael, and guitarist Zoltan Bathory. This differs from the original lineup that included Caleb Bingham, Darrell Roberts, and Matt Snell.



Shinedown has also made a huge impact on the Billboard charts, with “Second Chance” at No. 7 back in 2009. “Second Chance” from their 2008 album The Sound of Madness is Shinedown’s most celebrated song due to its long life on the Billboard charts.


The group is originally from Jacksonville, Florida; the other side of the state from L.A. natives Five Finger Death Punch. Their last record Threat to Survival dropped in 2015. Since their start, Shinedown has gone through band member turnover that has led to a group of 4: guitarist Zach Myers, drummer Barry Kerch, lead vocalist Brent Smith, and bass player Eric Bass. Shinedown has gone on tour in the past with huge rock bands like Breaking Benjamin and KISS.

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