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Fashion At Lollapalooza: Your Guide


Lollapalooza is one of the largest music festivals in the U.S. each summer. In the heart of downtown Chicago, music fans from around the globe flock to see top artists from all genres perform. With so many people from all walks of life in attendance, Lollapalooza fashion is among the main attractions.


Keep reading for tips on what to wear to Lollapalooza this year (for both girls and men). You may also view a set of Lollapalooza ensembles that are past when you jump to the base of the the page.


Dress for the Weather

Chicago typical highs during Lollapalooza are in the mid-80s, while the average lows range down to the lower 60s. It’s important to remember that Chicago weather can change in an instant, thus having some kind of rain gear on hand – preferably a poncho – is not a bad idea. You might also want to prepare for rain with extra protection for your phone.


It’s additionally important to stay protected from the sun. You can bring sunscreen into the festival gates as long as it isn’t in an aerosol container. Every attendee is also allowed to bring two factory sealed bottles of water per day, and water bottles and empty Camelbaks are also permitted.


What to Expect in Lollapalooza Fashion

Like most music festivals, Lollapalooza highlights the finest trends in this year’s summer styles. In general flowery print, vibrant colors, and black-and-white outfits are huge favorites at Lolla. With its origins in alt rock music, Lolla is also a prime place for music lovers to show off vintage ‘90s grunge and hard rock trend inspiration.




Where West Coast festivals like Coachella take inspiration from beachy environment, Lollapalooza trend skews less rural. This festival is set in Chicago’s lakefront Grant Park, so enormous city street style is a great place to set your festival fashion targets.

Lollapalooza Fashion for Girls

For Girls: Girls’s Lollapalooza outfits usually thin heavy on lighter materials, the better to cope with Chicago heat. Loose, flowing dresses and skirts, crop tops and shorts, and light flowery kaftans are always popular at the festival.


Lollapalooza Fashion for Men

For Men: Guys’s fashion for Lollapalooza centers on fairly low-maintenance fashions. Tank tops, basketball jerseys, and light button-downs with shorts or jeans. Hats are also a great addition to deal with the late summer beams. You’ll see baseball caps, fedoras – hats of all kinds at Lolla, and everything in between.

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