Dodger Star Refused To Stay At Trump Hotel

Adrian Gonzalez

The Dodgers usually stay at the Trump International Hotel, which they’ve been doing for years but Gonzalez decided to stay at a different hotel than his temates.


Gonzalez didn’t spell out exactly why he didn’t desire to use that particular hotel, which is owned by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for President.


That’s what he said to the Orange County Register, and just like music, it’s the words he didn’t say. He wouldn’t name Trump as the reason he didn’t want to stay at Trump Hotel, but it’s pretty easy to comprehend Gonzalez, a Mexican-American, wouldn’t want to stay in a Trump resort. Back in June 2015 during a speech declaring his presidential bid, Trump said that many immigrants coming from Mexico are criminals and rapists, a statement which the facts do not support.


Gonzalez grew up in Mexico, his family is from there, and his dad owned an air-conditioning company in Tijuana. He’s played for the Mexican team in the World Baseball Classic, and he’s given money and his time to charities that are directly Mexican related. Gonzalez’s roots in Mexico are deep which is understandable for his heritage.

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