Dave Grohl Encounters A Pair Of Old Foo Fighters Songs In HBO Special

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl unearths a couple of Foo Fighters demos, “Watered It Down” and “Slackers Password,” in a hilarious outtake of the Seattle episode in a 2014 HBO documentary.


In the episode, producer Barrett Jones – who co-produced Foo Fighters’ self-titled 1995 debut LP – hosts the songwriter at their Laundry Room recording studio. Between reminiscing about their friendship and ogling Jones’ guitars, Grohl listens to the demos with a series of embarrassing expressions, as if flipping through an old school yearbook.



“Watered Down” is highlighted by a bizarre vocal take in which Grohl repeatedly shouts the track’s title in a goofy voice. “Interesting … and weird,” he comments after hearing the track. The more intricate “Slackers Password” showcases Grohl’s nimble drumming. “I kind of remember that now,” he says.


Earlier this year, Jones uploaded more deleted scenes featuring early Grohl songs “Gods Look Down,” “Rent (Jerky Boys)” and “Floaty.”


Foo Fighters will release their ninth album “Concrete And Gold” on September 16th. The band worked with acclaimed pop producer Greg Kurstin for their new album, which they’ll promote this fall having a tour starting in October.


The record will feature the lead single “Run,” along with two songs the band has debuted onstage: “Dirty Water,” premiered in Paris, and “La Dee Da,” released earlier this year at a festival in Iceland.



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