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Dave Chappelle Returning To Comedy With Upcoming Tour

Dave Chappelle

Clayton Bigsby, Tyrone Biggums, The Player Haters Ball as well as The Racial Draft. True fans understand these are all classic skits from the top comedian of all time. The Chappelle’s Show represented a generation in the early 2000’s when Dave Chappelle was on top of his game.


The craft of stand-up comedy is currently in a bit of a recession. In the 80’s and 90’s comics such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler would often make on stage appearances and have thousands of fans falling out of their seats.


Comedy shows are back and seem to be growing in popularity once again. Thanks to Jim Gaffigan, Joe Rogan and Kevin Hart; the comedy genre has endured losing some of its biggest stars.



Chappelle decided to work on himself rather than comedy which made it look he was shying away from the public eye. Chappelle turned down a huge contract from Comedy Central and instead traveled to South Africa to spend some time away from comedy.


Slowly but certainly Chappelle has come back in to the limelight. He might be twice as amusing, although his comedic style is more reserved nowadays. New stories and routines have been added due to his new perspective on life after being away from comedy for so long. If you are interested in seeing Chappelle live you can find tickets here!

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