Concert Gifts For The Music Lover In Your Life

The Who

If you have a loved one, friend or even a co-worker who really loves music, you might be interested in knowing about some cool music gifts you can buy them for their Birthday, Christmas or another Holiday.

One of the great things about music is that there are so many choices to choose from. You can pick from musical instruments, soundtracks, CDs and MP3s and more.

But, one of the easiest gifts to purchase are tickets to concerts because they are usually pretty inexpensive, easy to purchase and they range from indie music to country music and everything else in between. If you want a few ideas on some really cool or popular concert tickets, check the options down below.

The Tenors – This is a Canadian Based singing group and they have released quite a few popular albums and remakes of songs like Amazing Grace, Tears In Heaven and more.



They have developed a really large world fan base and are known for having incredibly great harmony within the group as well as tight vocal passages in their songs. This IS an all male group.

Chris Tomlin – Anyone that is remotely into Christian music knows Chris Tomlin as being one of the most popular singers around. His rendition of Amazing Grace is beautiful and can make even a grown man cry!



Chris Tomlin has other really amazing sounds, but all of them revolve around the Christian and God themes. Not all of his songs are tear jerkers, though,s ome of them really just want to make you get up and dance or at the least tap your toe and sing along.

Blake Shelton – Blake has always had a large fan base, but even more so since he started being on The Voice and people really got to get a taste of who he is as a man, a singer and a husband.



Blake was also married to another country Superstar Miranda lambert. Blake, of course, has all the country songs one would expect to have like “She Wouldn’t Be Gone,” “Home,” “The More I Drink,” “Don’t Make Me,” and “All About Tonight,” but he has some religious sorts of songs too like “God Gave Me You.”

The Who – Anyone WHO is anyone knows WHO the WHO is! That was fun to say! The Who is a legendary classic rock band who made their way back in the 60s, and like the Rolling Stones and many other classic rock bands, the years keep on getting better.



These guys just won’t give up. If you like oldies or classic rock, definitely give these guys a chance, some of their most popular tunes are “My Generation,” “I’m a Boy,” “Happy Jack,” “Substitute,” “Dogs,” “Squeeze Box,” “Who Are You,” “You Better You Bet,” “Wire and Glass,” and “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere.” Who Are You was featured in the show CSI for years as the main theme song.

Papadosio – Something a little different than the options above, Papadosio is an electronica band and they are one of the best ones in this specific type of music.

They have a mixture of sounds in their tunes including folk, psychedelic and electronic that blends so incredibly well!

They are definitely one of the most interesting and entertaining bands around right now in electronica music so this is definitely not something to miss out on.


If you aren’t sure what the music lover in your life likes, its really easy to figure it out.

First off, if its a loved one or a friend, take a look at any albums, CDs or tapes they have – chances are if they still keep them around, its something or someone that they really love listening to.

Second off, you can check their phone or their iPod for music, this is always a dead give away. Lastly, you can find concerts in your area and bring them up in conversations to see if they YAY or NAY the band!

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