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Chance The Rapper’s 2017 Summer Tour

Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper is touring at a venue near you leading into the warmer summer months. After his huge 59th Annual Grammy Awards night, among the leading innovators of hip-hop music, Chance pronounced an upcoming tour. He’s already set to headline multiple spring as well as summer music festivals. This list includes Boston Calling, Hangout Music Festival, and Bonnaroo.


On Sunday, Chance took home multiple Grammy awards. This really is in addition to his excellent Grammy performance.


Much like his performance on Sunday, Chance doesn’t just rap, but when he does, the precision is on level with lots of the greats. He also integrates gospel and jazz beats into lots of his music. This is a softer side of hip-hop that focuses on pressing problems relative to his life.


His Grammy performance, as revealed below, included Tamela Mann, Kirk Franklin, Francis and the Lights, and a whole gospel choir. It was a mash up of “How Great” and “All We Got” off of his 2016 mixtape Coloring Book. The Grammys signified more than wins, as they altered the rules to let SoundCloud uploads as a way to nominate him mixtapes.


Chance the Rapper’s biggest motto is that he will do his artistry his way in his style. He has no major label supporting him and no record deal. He releases his music at no cost on SoundCloud. He prides himself in not “selling” his music, though streaming services have access to it. Chance only makes money off of touring and merchandise. That’s why the Grammys changed their rules to allow for his nominations. He also brings the softer-sounding side of hip hop in a time of Future’s, Kendrick Lamar’s and Kanye’s ‘street’ sounds.


The artistry and poetic character of Chance’s music sets him apart. It only adds another flavor and angle to the genre, and that kind of innovation is always appreciated.



The gospel music influence attaches itself to Chance the Rapper’s deep faith. It is something spectators witnessed during his acceptance speeches, as he thanked his family and God repeatedly. As someone connected strongly to faith, the gospel ties also relate to upbringing and his identity. Therefore, audiences also watched his acknowledgement of individuals who helped him grow to who he is today.


As he put it in the address below, only because he is independent doesn’t mean he’s triumphed without help. Yet, Chance does look to truly have a great head on his shoulders. As fans, we commend him for his gratitude and understanding that doing it your own way doesn’t mean that you simply leave everyone else behind.

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