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  • Drake
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    Drake Tour Dates; Tickets On Sale

    Drake will be touring North America with fellow rap icon Future in the summer of 2016. The co-headlining enterprise is bound to be among the largest hip hop tours of the year, including stops at more than 20 stadiums around the U.S. and Canada. Take a look at Drake and Futur tour dates at the […] More

  • Mosh Pit


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    Some Tips for Surviving a Mosh Pit

    Moshing is something that every young person should experience at least once. When you mosh, you’re essentially bouncing yourself off all the other patrons of the band and this can be an excellent way to lose yourself in the moment and to come away highly energized. What’s more is that it’s a great environment for […] More

  • Phantom Of The Opera
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    Some Great Shows to Visit in London’s West End

    There are plenty of places around the globe where you can see a show but few spots have quite the prestige of London’s West End. If you’re looking to see some great theatre, then visiting England’s capital is a great way to spoil yourself. But with so much to choose from, where do you start? […] More

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    How to Take Great Photos at a Sports Game

    Going to watch the game? Then you might want to take some action packed photos while you’re there! This is a great way to make a memory of the occasion and also to create something cool and dramatic to look back on later on. If you’re really talented, then you might even be able to […] More

  • Madison Square Garden

    Top Music Venues In New York City

    Let’s be honest, New York city is always sort of the topic of conversation when it comes to most anything these days.  Good food?  New York City.  Amazing architecture?  New York City?  Most famous and popular musicians?  New York City!  So it should be no big surprise that this is a list of the top […] More