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  • Rihanna In Concert
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    Featured Concert Events For Sale Online

    If you’ve never shopped for tickets online, you might not realize the sheer amount of options available to you.  Its not just a few singers or bands, its virtually everyone you’ve ever heard of and maybe a few you haven’t heard of.  Here is just a small sampling of some of the concerts you can […] More

  • Artic Monkeys
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    Four Popular Stars Of Indie Music

    One of the coolest things that I love about music is that there are so many different kinds. It doesn’t matter if you are into Heavy Metal, Pop, Punk or even something else entirely like Indie music, there is something for everyone. Another cool thing about music is if you usually go by your old […] More

  • No Talking

    Four Tips to Have Fun at a Concert

    Some people have reservations about attending concerts because they deem the event “too loud and crowded”. Well, noise and people are a big part of concerts. These are the very elements that inject fun into concerts. If noise, loud music, and throngs of people are not your thing, then you should probably avoid going to […] More

  • The Who

    Concert Gifts For The Music Lover In Your Life

    If you have a loved one, friend or even a co-worker who really loves music, you might be interested in knowing about some cool music gifts you can buy them for their Birthday, Christmas or another Holiday. One of the great things about music is that there are so many choices to choose from. You […] More