Bruce Springsteen Releasing Another Album, Plots Tour

Bruce Springsteen & Bryan Adams
Bruce Springsteen (L) and Bryan Adams perform during the Closing Ceremony for Invictus Games.

Bruce Springsteen’s newest album, Western Stars, will be released on June 14th. This will be his first album release of new and original tracks since he released the “Wrecking Ball” album in 2012. So far, the public has only heard one song from the album, Hello Sunshine, which he says is influenced by Southern California pop music of the Seventies. It does have that Glenn Campbell sound and feel. The other 12 songs on Western Stars are Hitch Hikin,’ The Wayfarer, Tucson Train, Western Stars, Sleepy Joe’s Café, Drive Fast, Chasin’ Wild Horses, Sundown, Somewhere North of Nashville, Stones, There Goes My Miracle and Moonlight Motel.


A new group of songs (about a full album’s worth) he’s recently written for the E Street Band will be featured on their upcoming tour. He hadn’t written for the E Street Band for about 7 years, and then about a month ago, suddenly he was inspired somehow. He said that the songs just came out of almost nowhere. The Boss and the E Street Band haven’t played together since their 2017 concert at the Mount Smart Stadium in New Zealand.


This past Sunday night, the legendary filmmaker, Martin Scorsese and Springsteen chatted at a Netflix event They talked about Springsteen’s residency performance, “Springsteen on Broadway” at New York’s Walter Kerr Theater as well as their common religious heritage, both being brought up as Catholics and its influences on their work. They also chatted about Springsteen’s performance at the White House at the end of the Obama administration.


They did not talk at all about the new album, “Western Stars,” nor did they discuss Scorsese’s new film coming up on Netflix later this year, “The Irishman.” It just came up once, very fleetingly, in the context of the discussion about Catholicism. The Boss did question Scorsese on his film, “Last Waltz,” where the audience wasn’t seen until the end of the film, an anomaly at that time. Scorsese explained that is started out as a sort of experiment, and how they went about filming it. Watching and listening to two super-artists from different genres talk about their separate talents and similar influences is a rare and intriguing thing, almost as captivating as a Springsteen concert or a Scorsese film.


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