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Bon Jovi Tour To Start Tomorrow

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi has never exactly been characterized as a group with steady musical habits. Whatever disagreements old fans might have with the band, the recent planned tour has meant that Bon Jovi was successful with their music for a much longer time than other groups of their age. Nevertheless, they too began to suffer from a mixture of falling albums sales and of the late 2000s, the effects of a couple recent album releases which have got only a lukewarm reception.


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In April 2013, longtime lead guitarist and songwriter Richie Sambora left the group during their “Because We Can Tour.” After Sambora officially left the group the following year, Jon Bon Jovi was interviewed saying, “He’s quit. He’s gone. No hard feelings.” Sambora himself has made statements suggesting otherwise, because Sambora desired to spend more time with his children, saying that maybe this was a disagreement on precedence, “There’s no bad blood with me any more. I love Jon, and I still see the possibility of a return.”


Don’t anticipate to see him back any time soon, however, Jon Bon Jovi wasn’t overly pleased with the absenteeism in the middle of a nation wide tour.


Bon Jovi have lost their last ties with Mercury Records, the label until they changed to Island Records in the early 2000s, released all their albums from the beginning. They even put out a compilation record in 2015, Burning Bridges, that not only met their contract with the label but also made clear the feelings of the group toward it. Ouch!

The Future Of Bon Jovi

Despite the less successful nature of their recent albums, Bon Jovi stays an extremely popular group on tour. They sell out shows. Plus as history has revealed, they know how exactly to entertain fans, even if to the consternation of longtime fans. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another enormous hit song come out from them, perhaps even another album, even if not a blockbuster album.


In the immediate future, Bon Jovi has a fresh tour beginning tomorrow supporting their album ‘This House Isn’t for Sale’. It’s the first to feature Phil X and Hugh McDonald as fully-fledged members of the band, though Phil X filled in for the majority of the last tour and all of this is old hat for McDonald. The tour ends on April 11 at Air Canada Centre Arena.

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