Blake Shelton’s New Album Is Country’s Hottest Selling

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s If I’m Honest is the week’s top-selling record in America with more than 153,000 physical album copies sold. Released almost one year after an extremely public split from ex wife Miranda Lambert, the album rounds up a fresh batch of songs that deal with healing, heartbreak and hell-raising.

Views exclusively sold 50,000 conventional album units this week, but it racked up 166.2 million streams for its tracks, adding an additional 138,000 sales to his total in the form of record equivalent sales and track comparable sales. The same goes for Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman, which debuts at Number Two on the Billboard charts this week despite trailing Blake’s If I’m Honest album.

Blake Shelton Concert

Despite a smaller number of digital streaming action, Shelton’s If I’m Honest still tops the Billboard Country Albums Chart and Top Albums Sales Chart, giving the country singer his biggest sales week since 2013. Additionally, with the majority of record sales coming from traditional purchases hard copy purchases, If I’m Honest doubles as another reminder that country fans stay some of the industry’s most faithful — and old school — consumers.

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