Billboard’s Soul Sisters Podcast: Domino Kirke – Listen Here

Domino Kirke

“I spent my youth in a family where my dad was in a rock-band and I saw and heard every story,” says Domino Kirke with this episode of Soul Sisters, where she stopped by Billboard Studios to talk about her new album Beyond Waves out August 25. This interview shows how much her and her siblings Jemima and Lola all became reluctant celebrities in their own ways and their earliest impressions of traveling with their father, drummer Simon Kirke of the band Bad Company.


“Mullets and Budweiser and hairy backs” is what she remembers of visiting the U.S. for the first time. Later on Kirke became a musician in her own right and was found by Mark Ronson as a teenager, but quickly discovered she didn’t fit into the pop genre that most agents wanted her to fill.


“I would wear the right outfit and get just drunk enough and stay after the show and just flirt enough that they maybe would write something, and I felt kind of awful all the time.”


After learning she was going to be a mother and launching her own doula business, Kirke is ready to get back to music on her own terms. “The songs really feel like they carry me,” she states of the tracks off her new album.


Listen above to the conversation by Jessie Katz and Darah Golub – and make certain to subscribe to the Soul Sisters iTunes channel for several future episodes!

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