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  • Box Office
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    Where To Buy Cheap Sporting Event Tickets

    If you love sports, and you have either wanted to always go to a live game or this is a sort of thing you do all the time, you should know something: The tickets you want to get or the tickets you always do get, might not be THE best price you can get as […] More

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    Why Purchase Tickets On A Third Party Website?

    When it comes to buying any tickets online, from concerts and music to sports and entertainment, you might be wondering why someone would be buying from a third party site like The King Of Tickets, rather than just buying from the site that is featuring the tickets to begin with.  For example, Coachella is coming […] More

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    How To Buy Legit Tickets Online

    Buying tickets online can be a really fun and a really cheap experience. Lets be honest, concert and sports tickets aren’t always available in our area or they are expensive.  So this is why a lot of people flock online to buy them – and that’s okay!  Its pretty ingenious actually. But, there are ways […] More

  • Hoyl Ship!

    2016 Festivals You Must See

    For the New Year, I wanted to do a sort of future list of the best music festivals for 2016 for all you guys out there that love music, dont mind traveling, and want to do something different for once in 2016. Below you will see a list of Festivals, their locations, the dates they […] More

  • Madison Square Garden

    Top Music Venues In New York City

    Let’s be honest, New York city is always sort of the topic of conversation when it comes to most anything these days.  Good food?  New York City.  Amazing architecture?  New York City?  Most famous and popular musicians?  New York City!  So it should be no big surprise that this is a list of the top […] More

  • Artic Monkeys
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    Four Popular Stars Of Indie Music

    One of the coolest things that I love about music is that there are so many different kinds. It doesn’t matter if you are into Heavy Metal, Pop, Punk or even something else entirely like Indie music, there is something for everyone. Another cool thing about music is if you usually go by your old […] More

  • Jason Aldean
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    Four Popular Stars Of Country Music

    If you love country music, you are probably listening to some while reading this right now – and for good reason!  There are so many new and old stars of country music these days, sometimes its hard to keep up with who is in and who is not, who is still together, who is still […] More

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    Types Of Tickets You Can Buy Online

    If you are one of the few people that has never bought tickets online or you never thought this was something you could do, you might be surprised as to just how many different types of tickets are available out there, and its not just music concerts either. Here are a few options you have […] More

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    How To Get Great Seats When Planning To Buy Concert Tickets

    Let’s be honest, going to any concert is an awesome, awe-inspiring and fun experience, but if you are going to see and listen to someone you really love, the last thing you want is to be stuck way in the back or in nosebleed seats where you can barely see, let alone hear what is […] More

  • No Talking

    Four Tips to Have Fun at a Concert

    Some people have reservations about attending concerts because they deem the event “too loud and crowded”. Well, noise and people are a big part of concerts. These are the very elements that inject fun into concerts. If noise, loud music, and throngs of people are not your thing, then you should probably avoid going to […] More

  • The Who

    Concert Gifts For The Music Lover In Your Life

    If you have a loved one, friend or even a co-worker who really loves music, you might be interested in knowing about some cool music gifts you can buy them for their Birthday, Christmas or another Holiday. One of the great things about music is that there are so many choices to choose from. You […] More